Driver Meets Strangers Who Saved Her Life When She Went Unconscious Behind The Wheel

63-year-old Laurie Rabyor, of Boynton Beach, Florida, has reunited with the group of Good Samaritans who saved her life when she became unconscious due to a medical issue and passed out at the wheel of her car while driving.

The video of the rescue shows complete strangers leaving their cars and hurrying into the middle of the road during rush hour traffic to push her vehicle to safety and free her from the car for medical aid.

Photo: YouTube/TODAY

Once they stopped her car and pushed it to a safe place, one of the women retrieved a dumbbell from her car and a man used it to break the window of Rabyor’s car to make sure she was OK.

The Good Samaritans stayed with her until rescue crews arrived to rush her to the hospital.

Photo: Facebook/Boynton Beach Police Department

Rabyor finally got to meet her heroes during a ceremony held by the Boynton Beach Police Department and city leaders, where they honored the group of people for being heroes.

The department presented them with “Lifesaving awards” for their heroic efforts in working together to save Rabyor’s life.

Photo: Facebook/Boynton Beach Police Department

“It’s amazing,” Sergeant Chavez said, “how everyone came together to help someone that was in need without even knowing the person.”

“They all just came together to help little old lady, me” Rabyor said during the ceremony. “I appreciate it so, so much, you don’t even know and my children love you, they just love you because you helped their mom.”

Watch the story in the video below:

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