Woman Gives Birth Day Of Graduation, College President Brings Ceremony To Hospital Room

A college graduate ended up going into labor and missing her graduation ceremony, but that didn’t stop her from receiving her diploma.

Jada Sayles went into labor around 4:30 in the morning the day of the graduation from Dillard University, a historically Black university in New Orleans.

Photo: Twitter/JadaSayles

She got in touch with the school’s president, Dr. Walter M Kimbrough, who decided to finish his tenure in a very special way.

He visited Sayles in the hospital the following day and brought the graduation ceremony to her, presenting her with her hard-earned diploma right in her hospital room.

Photo: YouTube/USA TODAY

Joined by her family, Sayles donned her cap and gown while holding her newborn baby and even moved her tassel over like she would’ve if she were at the real graduation.

Sayles received a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with an emphasis in pre-law and plans on applying to law school.

Photo: Twitter/JadaSayles

She graduated with a 4.0 for her last semester, despite being pregnant during the school year. But the 4.0 didn’t come easy and Sayles worked hard to get here. When Sayles was 17, she was homeless.

“I actually graduated high school as a junior because I needed a place to stay and so I was like, “Well, I don’t have a place to stay so I’m going to go to college because they have housing,'” Sayles told WDSU.

Photo: Twitter/JadaSayles

Sayles hopes her story will encourage other students, regardless of what obstacles they have to face.

“You can do it with a kid. You can do it without a kid. You can do it pregnant. You can do it not pregnant. You can do it,” Sayles said.

Watch her special ceremony in the video below:

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