Rescued Puppies Join 40+ Shelter Pets Flying To Safety During National Pet Month

May is one of our favorite times of the year. Not only do we get to celebrate warmer weather, Mothers’ Day, and military troops over Memorial Day weekend, May is also National Pet Month–the perfect time to show your pets how much you care!

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National Pet Month is also an excellent time to help shelter animals, who would make awesome companions if somebody gave them a chance. Alas, many shelter pets won’t ever get this opportunity, especially if they live in the South, where shelter overcrowding leaves animals at risk of euthanasia.

This heartbreaking reality inspired The Animal Rescue Site to team up with Greater Good Charities to operate Flights to Freedom, which transport at-risk shelter pets from the South–where hurricanes, heartworm disease, crowded shelters, and low rates of adoption leave animals in danger-–to safety in shelters where demand for adoption is soaring.

Since 2015, Flights to Freedom have flown thousands of shelter pets to safety and adoption! Photo: Greater Good Charities

On May 25, The Animal Rescue Site is partnering with Greater Good Charities to organize a special Flight to Freedom in honor of National Pet Month!

Our National Pet Month Flight to Freedom will fly from New Orleans with 40+ at-risk shelter pets on board. These lucky cats and dogs will touch down in Idaho, where they’ll be distributed to shelters where demand for adoption is soaring.

Shelter pet passenger Fendi awaiting his Flight to Freedom. Photo: Greater Good Charities

This life-saving flight will save shelter pets like Fendi, a Louisiana puppy who was surrendered to the shelter as part of an unwanted litter. In addition to being homeless and unwanted, the puppy suffered from a skin condition that required foster care.

Fendi has since recovered following treatment, and “has since blossomed into a beautiful fluffy ball of joy,” according to shelter workers, who quickly booked the loving dog on May 25 Flight to Freedom. With your support, we can help Fendi celebrate National Pet Month in an adoptive home in Idaho!

Unloading shelter pets after our St. Patrick’s day Flight to Freedom. Photo: Greater Good Charities

Our National Pet Month Flight to Freedom will also help Happy, Sleepy, and Bashful, three adorable lab mix puppies rescued from Louisiana. The puppies were part of an unexpected litter of five that entered the world following Hurricane Ida, which demolished fences throughout the region. The widespread destruction allowed the puppies’ unfixed mother to escape from her yard and accidentally get pregnant.

These loving puppies were part of an unwanted litter. Photo: Greater Good Charities

The surprise puppies were also born with crooked limbs and possible sight impairment, leading shelter workers to place each one with a different foster family. Even so, the puppies quickly adapted to their new surroundings, causing each foster family to quickly fall in love with their respective charges.

After two of the puppies became foster fails, Happy, Bashful, and Sleepy were booked on our National Pet Month Flight to Freedom, the best way to help each puppy find a good home.

Happy, Sleepy, and Bashful can’t wait to get adopted in Idaho! Photo: Greater Good Charities

Of course, Flights to Freedom are also supported by readers’ donations, which means we’ll need your help flying Fendi and her fellow shelter pet passengers to safety and adoption.

Just $5 helps us fund 125 air miles for one shelter pet traveling on Flights to Freedom, while larger donations help us fly even more animals. Can you make a donation to help us fly Fendi, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful and other Lousiana shelter pets to safety during National Pet Month?

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