The Latest Style In Cat Beds: Repurposed Mid-Modern TV Sets

Like most people, you’ve probably found yourself spending a little more time at home this year. Maybe it’s given you time to catch up your your favorite shows or try out a few new ones, maybe it’s given you time to rearrange your TV room with a greater sense of feng shui, or maybe it’s prompted you to completely dismantle a console set and repurpose it as a home for your furry friend.

It’s that last category that we’ll be exploring here.

Cat owners are channeling a stylish new trend in pet comfort by transforming disused mid-century modern TV sets as cat beds, Crafty reports. These creations are cute, comfortable, and free of commercial interruption.

Check out a few designs below:

Source: Instagram/@vintageinteriorxx

The Naturalist

A few plants really bring this design together with the botanically-themed paper glued to the back of the TV set. This may have been one of the more discrete models back in the 50s. Today, it’s a comfy cavern any cool cat can enjoy.

Source: Instructables/davee930

Viewer Discretion Advised

This model is easily stowed in a closet or on a shelf if your cat prefers privacy. Instructables user davee930 offers instructions on how to create the design in this tutorial.

Source: Instagram/floofincat

The Station Break

There’s no reason to think “there is nothing good on TV” when all you can see is a happy cat. For those who attempt this on their own, make sure you’ve removed all the dangerous electronic components and sharp glass, place a soft cushion at the bottom of the set and move it to a comfy corner of the room.

If you’ve done everything right, your cat will be moving in in no time!

Source: Etsy/QubiPetBeds

The Rerun

This model can be shipped to your door and set up in seconds. Etsy seller QubiPetBeds has them for around $65. They are just as easily folded up into a cube as they are broken down and stored in a special tote bag. That’s right, you can bring this cat bed on the road with you!

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