Rescue Workers In Ukraine Save Cat Stuck In Tree In War Zone

Cats tend to climb up in trees for a better view, to chase a bird or squirrel, or to escape some sort of danger. However, they have a hard time coming down and sometimes need help from professionals.

Rescue workers in Ukraine who are busy saving people from destroyed buildings and war zones took the time to rescue a cat stuck in a tree.

This touching moment was shared by The State Emergency Service (SES) of Ukraine. Laughter is said to be the best medicine, so officials thought they would use a little humor to tell the rescue story.

Apparently, the tabby cat “decided that from above it is better visible how the fish are eating the remains of the crew of the drowned Moscow, so he chose the highest tree in the Kiev district of Odessa for this,” stated SES.

Rescuers used an auto ladder to reach the feline and bring it safely to the ground. SES wrote, “Rescuers helped the kitty down because in case of an air alarm, a tree is not the best place to hide.”

Photo: Facebook/SES of Ukraine

The kind act touched the hearts of people across the world. “You all are the best! In the midst of the horrors of war you care for tiny animals as well as fellow human beings. 🙏🏻 From the USA I continue to hold Ukrainians in love and prayer. 🌻 I am so sorry what you are having to endure, but please know that you are showing the world the meaning of true love for each other and your country. Blessings,” commented a woman from the United States.

Another said, “There is always that story of how firefighters rescue cats from trees – now we actually see it 😉😊 They work so hard. 👏 I love that even a kitty stuck in a tree is important to them 💗”.

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